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The world changed when in 2004 Mark Zuckerberg and a couple of his Harvard classmates created Facebook. 15 years have gone by and a lot of things have happened since then, causing social media to evolve and become such an essential part of society that we right now live two different realities: the physical and the digital one. Our digital “us” tend to be a bit of a show off while being addicted to original and interesting content, which feeds the brands’ conquest to gain more followers and engagement.

In Park36 we analyze your brand, target, and social media needs to develop a custom plan in line with your objectives. We don’t just want to be present for the sake of it. We want to contribute with something eyecatching and appealing instead, so that when people see it their reaction will be “wow, these people have really taken the time to think this through”. That is exactly what we aim for.

· Social media strategy
· Advertising campaigns
· Social media management
· Branded content creation
· Content management
· Influencer campaigns
· Report and analysis of results
· Creativity and creation of social media designs

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