Event management

THE Show must go on

It was the year 1914 when Jeanne Paquin organized the first fashion show in history, which was conceived as a show with music. Before that there was absolutely nothing. No music. Just models on the catwalk. Could you imagine that today?

In an event details are everything and can even lift you to the Olympian heights of event management when they are created with love and creativity. It is the art of taking an idea and creating an unforgettable moment that will help you break the mold.

In Park36 we develop, plan, design and produce any type of event. Our objective is to create a whole creative concept which will add value and help you stand out. Additionally, we also work with influencers and brand ambassadors who can participate in the event if the occasion calls for it.

· Planning and production
· Event management
· Teambuilding events
· Team and talent recruitment
· Merchandising

· Networking
· Showrooms
· Roadshows
· Space selection
· Press conferences
· Setting, decoration and props

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