Branding and graphic design

An image is worth a thousand words

Yoda would not be the same without his unique way of speaking, as well as Nike without its swoosh or Movierecord without its famous music. The birth of a new brand and everything that it entails: look&feel, placement, objectives, values… are vital and a lot of time should be invested in creating them. They will guide the beginning of a new story and it is important to elaborate it perfectly.

In Park36 we can help you with this process, transforming your idea/concept into a visual representation. Furthermore, we can advise or execute any of your design needs to create a specific campaign, signage, banners or redesign your logo among many other things.

· Audit and brand strategy
· Logo and brand identity
· Naming
· Packaging and labelling
Off / online advertising design: POS, catalogues, banners…

Creativity and copywriting

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